About Us

Arocfly is dedicated to provide customers with top grade computer related peripherals / accessories that offer cost effective solutions, making our life/work with joy and ease. Established by a group of experienced computer/telecom engineers devote themselves in perfection and innovation. Taken Taiwan as the solid base to create, research and develop high quality products and offer them to world-wide. Satisfy our customers and presenting sustainable solution with innovated technology and quality assurance has successfully made Arocfly a world-class brand name.

Arocfly is a versatile company design and manufacture switches and at the same time working with selected producers forging a strategic alliance offering customer cost/time effective solution in one stop shopping. Arocfly's main product- Switch are certified by CE, FCC and UL offering PS/2, PCI, DVI, HDMI and other advanced interfaces. Switch is the best solution to integrate and manage multi-computers with simplicity and efficiency. Arocfly also provides computer eBook Readers, Digital Video Camcorders, Multimedia Players, Internet Radios, Digital Photo Frames, Docking Enclosures, USB 3.0, High Resolution Adapters, USB / Multimedia Accessories, Splitters and Switches and many others.

Arocfly is now offering more than 40 kinds of products and adding average 20 new ones each year. Energetic and dependable, Arocfly promises services, quality and mutual prosperity. It is our aim never ceasing our best efforts to be a professional leader in our arena. Arocfly is prioritizing on research and development offering trendy and quality products to meet and then exceed the expectation of our consumers.

Visualize the future
We have been always looking towards being professional and in totality... prioritize objective. In future, Arocfly International Limited will still insist in maintaining its expectations, putting in more efforts in establishing innovative capability, cultivation and expansion, giving clients and consumer high value and reliable products. We understand and prepare to take on more challengers and shall continue to provide excellence products grade and satisfying customers' new needs.


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